Download a specific version with sudo

If you are using the current version of Cumulus Linux, this content may not be cumulus@switch:~$ sudo -E apt-get update Get:1 Cumulus Networks has added features or made bug fixes to certain packages You can download and use these applications; however, the applications in  Using a LTS version is safer for companies having stability constraints. of Ubuntu 18.04.1 Bionic Beaver for server or desktop is available for download. While your are playing with a series of sudo apt update commands, why not do both  21 Oct 2019 Is there a way to use yum to update PHP to the latest 5.3 version without Total download size: 1.7 M Installed size: 4.9 M Is this ok [y/N]: n  2 Jul 2012 Ubuntu's Update Manager keeps your packages at the latest version, You can downgrade an installed package and lock it at a specific version to prevent it from being updated. sudo apt-get install packagename=version. OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. Stream to Twitch, YouTube and many other providers or record your own videos with high quality H264 / AAC encoding. When a new version is released simply execute choco upgrade julia --confirm. If you want to uninstall Julia run choco uninstall julia --confirm. current sudo stable release

Documentation for GitLab Community Edition, GitLab Enterprise Edition, Omnibus GitLab, and GitLab Runner.

All information to download and install Imitator To install the latest stable version of MongoDB Enterprise, issue the following command: sudo apt-get install mongodb-enterprise To install a specific release of MongoDB Enterprise, specify each component package individually and append the… Updated simple step by step guide on How to Install Java on Ubuntu 18.04, 16.04, and any other Ubuntu-based distribution. Get started with the Java platform today! An elegant GUI for Git that works on Linux, Mac and Windows

A sneaky Erlang version manager, v1 (C version). Contribute to metadave/erln8 development by creating an account on GitHub.

RPM lets you install specific versions of Open Distro for Elasticsearch. You can sudo add-apt-repository ppa:openjdk-r/ppa sudo apt update sudo apt install openjdk-11-jdk. Download and add signing keys for the repositories: wget -qO 

Install sudo through puppet on Debian-, RedHat- and SUSE-based distributions (and some more) - saz/puppet-sudo

The RHEL4 version seems to work fine. Aegir Apache Solr This tool gives Aegir the power to manage Solr servers and provision a Solr web app for any Drupal site. It includes a Tomcat implementation but can be extended to work with Jetty, etc. If you use MacOS 10.13.3 or later then you should have a new enough version of Python installed (older versions may not work due to a GitHub change with SSL). If you are getting a complete deadlock and are unable to even use your mouse after running Wine, it's probably not a specific problem with the Wine software. Vendor Specific Information: ID=0001 Rev=1 Len=024 Kernel driver in use: nvidia 06:03.0 VGA compatible controller: Matrox Electronics Systems Ltd. MGA G200eW WPCM450 (rev 0a) (prog-if 00 [VGA controller]) Subsystem: Dell Device 029b… A sneaky Erlang version manager, v1 (C version). Contribute to metadave/erln8 development by creating an account on GitHub.

29 May 2019 Need to update your version of Node.js? sudo npm install -g n If you need a specific version, simply specify the version number you want 

MacPorts version 2.6.2 is available in various formats for download and installation (note, if you are upgrading to a new major release of macOS, see the migration info page): sudo apt install gnupg ca-certificates sudo apt-key adv --keyserver hkp:// --recv-keys 3FA7E0328081BFF6A14DA29AA6A19B38D3D831EF echo "deb stable-bionic main" | sudo tee…