Prevent shared files from being downloaded or copied

How can I disable the ability for a user to save a copy of a PDF? The file may be online or a network drive. We have some PDF files that need to be provided out to users but we do not want the users to be able to save a copy of the PDF file. We have found in the security how to prevent printing and copying the contents but nothing that would

An antivirus uses a scanning engine that examines every file stored on the computer or device to identify suspicious or harmful files.

Methods and apparatuses are provided for determining a first fingerprint of audio or video data. The first fingerprint is stored in a database or record including information pertaining to a first user or first account.

One way to phrase your goal is to ensure that you can sell a PDF format ebook to one customer, deliver them a PDF file that they can read, but which no-one else can read. Thus, if that first customer shares the ebook, it won’t be readable by anyon

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How do I stop files saving to One Drive when I use SendTo option? * Original Title: Manual access toOnedrive Every time I use a "Send To" to move or copy items from a flash drive to a folder on my PC it is sent to One Drive.

Prevent shared files from being downloaded I think it would be great if there was some setting to turn download's of a shared file or folder ON\OFF what I mean is suppose I want to share a File\Folder with someone, I would only want them to be able to view\edit it online and not be able to download it onto their computer.. to take this idea This article shows how to use Folder Guard software to stop users from downloading programs from the Internet. The method described restricts downloads with any browser: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc. After you share a file, you can stop sharing a file at any time. You can also prevent someone you’ve shared with from changing or sharing your file. Stop sharing a file. If you share a file with people, the owner or anyone with edit access can change the sharing settings for the file. How can I protect an image in a pdf from being copied. There are two different types of passwords you can assign to a PDF file: A password that needs to be entered to open a document; A password that protects the contents of a PDF file; The second type of password is one that you would not have to share with your users - it's for the owner > the existence of a file somewhere on the network > 3- If the file is not found, then the macro will force excel to quit > > I realize that even if this is doable, it still will not be too > difficult to work around, esp as I want to prevent the DATA inside the > sheet from being copied, and it might be possible to access this data Protecting the data from being copied is a losing battle. Rather, you should protect the data from being accessed should the device fall into someone else’s hands. Password protect and encrypt files. And don’t use a simple password, the most char You cannot stop a file from being saved, copied, or e-mailed. All you can do is try to make it that when the file is shared with someone else, that they can't open it. DRM (Digital Rights Management) is the traditional approach to this problem, but digital signatures provide an alternative (really, another kind of DRM).

This article shows how to use Folder Guard software to stop users from downloading programs from the Internet. The method described restricts downloads with any browser: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc.

The software also protects against file deletion and renaming, but this is in a separate section and you have to apply this setting to individual files and folders, which isn’t very helpful. The program however suffers from a serious flaw – it can’t prevent copying using drag and drop. This is because M File Anti-Copy prevents file copy My organisation uses WS2012 and want to share some files over the network. My question is how to copy protect a folder/file which is being shared?. The scenario is that, I want the users to access the folders but not to copy, delete or paste anything from or on it. As I know, savin' ppt to pps can't keep your presentations from being copied. pps files can be opened and edited in PowerPoint by others. And the Rstrict Permission is complicated and unfriendly for viewers. I agree the idea that converting ppt files to other formats such as Flash, which really can't be copied and be easily shared online. You